• You do not have to be a Host in order to travel with Servas. If you want to be just a Traveller, please refer to Travellers.
  • As a Host you will have the chance to provide other SERVAS members from different parts of the world with a unique opportunity to get to know Czech people in their natural environment and to learn about Czech culture.
  • As a Host you have the opportunity to share your ideas with people from different countries and social classes.
  • If you cannot provide accommodation, you can become a “Day Host”. This means that you can meet the Traveller and perhaps show them interesting places in your area.
  • A Host should provide a bed for two nights (or longer, but only at the host’s invitation) and usually invite the Traveller to share in the evening meal. The Host is not expected to provide transport for the Traveller, although some may want to show the Traveller places of interest in the Host’s community.


Becoming a Servas Host


  • All Servas Hosts are registered in the Servas Online database. For how to become a member – see Servas Membership


Responsibilities of a Host


  • Hosts are not obliged to accept travelers. As a rule, travelers stay with their hosts for two nights unless they are invited to stay longer. 
  • Travellers should show to their Letter of Introduction (“LoI”) immediately when they arrive (even if most of them send their LoI by e-mail while organizing their trip/stay). Travellers without or with invalid LoI should not be accepted.
  • The Host should explain the ‘rules of the house’ to the Traveller, and set aside some time to talk with a Traveller.


Principles of good hosting


  • The Host is contacted by the Traveller, usually by email or telephone. The Host himself can indicate in the Host List how far in advance he wishes to receive requests (a minimum of 3 weeks is recommended).
  •  Hosts are not obliged to always accommodate Travellers’ requests, but be sure to respond to each interested Traveller. If you do not have the desire or time to visit Servas, you may approach other Czech Hosts to see if they would be interested in hosting applicants.
  • The Host should provide accommodation for two nights. If you have the desire and time, you can offer the Travellers a longer stay.
  • Travellers should show their “Letter of Introduction” immediately on arrival (even if they have already emailed it when planning their trip). Travellers who do not have a “Letter of Introduction” or it is invalid should not be accepted.
  • The Host should explain the “house rules” to the Traveller upon arrival and will normally arrange a dinner together on the first evening for the Traveller. The Host also provides breakfast for the Travellers, other meals are by mutual agreement.  Good Travellers will often invite you to a second dinner or offer to cook something themselves.
  • It is not the Hosts’ responsibility to spend all the time with the Travellers, but if it is within your means, offer some interesting joint programme. Be sure to offer the Travellers a consultation of the programme they have prepared, it is usually much appreciated. Recommend what to see, where to go, interesting places that are not in the guidebooks.
  • We do not recommend accepting Servas visitors if their request shows non-standard features, such as arriving unannounced or violating the conditions you have stated in your Servas Online profile
  • Never accept any charge for accommodation or meals, this does not apply to gifts or payment for a shared meal in a restaurant.
  • In the event of a bad experience with a particular traveler, report the incident to someone on the SERVAS ČR committee who will forward your complaint to the country’s national Servas committee.

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