You do not have to be a Host in order to travel with Servas. If you want to be just a Traveller, please refer to Travellers.

As a Host you will have the opportunity to share your ideas with people from other countries and different walks of life. A Host should provide a bed for two nights (or longer, but only at the host’s invitation) and usually invite the Traveller to share in the evening meal. The Host is not expected to provide transport for the Traveller, although some may want to show the Traveller places of interest in the Host’s community.

If you are unable to provide the accommodation for Travellers, you can be a day host. This means that you can meet a Traveller and perhaps show him interesting places in your neighborhood.

All Servas Hosts are recorded in the Host List (“HL”). The HL is updated once a year. The deadline is usually December/January. If you want to make any changes or you do not want to be presented in HL, please contact the Host List Editor.

Please note that the Czech HL is now in an electronic form (PDF) and the data are thus stored electronically. The data will not be provided to third parties.

Becoming a Servas Host

Anyone who wishes to become a host and is not a Servas Traveller yet, should contact anybody from the National Executive Board or any Interviewer, refer to contacts.

Please complete the Servas Host Application (download in pdf) and bring it to your interview. In case you have a reference from a Servas member, even better, bring it as well.

After your interview you and the interviewer will sign your application. Please send the application form to the National Secretary or the Host List Editor. Please, refer to contacts.

Anyone who has already been interviewed in the past and wants to become a host again, can send the Servas Host Application without being interviewed again. Please only send the original Application or at least information who interviewed you and when it took place.

Responsibilities of a Host

Hosts are not obliged to accept travelers. As a rule, travelers stay with their hosts for two nights unless they are invited to stay longer. Travellers should show to their host originals of their Letter of Introduction (“LoI”) immediately when they arrive (even if most of them send their LoI by e-mail while organizing their trip/stay). Travellers without or with invalid LoI should not be accepted. The Host should explain the ‘rules of the house’ to the Traveller, and set aside some time to talk with a Traveller.


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