Becoming a Servas Traveller


  • A Traveller must be 18 years of age or over, and must be interviewed to make sure he/she is responsible, open minded and likely to be a good member of Servas. Knowledge of English (or other main language) is essential. Please note that no traveller can be approved without an interview. For the list of the interviewers please refer to Contacts.
  • Important note: you don’t have to be a Host  to become a Traveller. 
  • Every Traveller will be registered in Servas Online – see Servas Membership.


Letter of Introduction and travel stamps




  • „Letter of Introduction“ (LoI) is a „confirmation“ that you are Servas member. It contains your photo, you specify there what countries you want to visit and also briefly write about your hobbies and interests. You will see only your LoI in your Servas Online profile when you are approved by the administrator as a Traveller.
  • Before your trip, you will need a stamp (it is valid one year from the issue date). Adults pay CZK 340. Students up to age of 30 and members above the age of 65 pay CZK 140.  
  • You need to send your request by e-mail to Věra (, the National Secretary and Martin (, the Administrator. In your e-mail, specify your payment date (to the account # 51-1080210247/0100), the date of the start of your trip and number of travellers.
  • The Administrator will approve your request, will make sure that your profile has set the status of „Traveller“ (if not already done) and will allocate you an e-stamp.
  • Now you can modify your LoI in your profile in Servas Online. Your data (including yout photo) from your profile will be automatically downloaded into your LoI. You can download your LoI into PDF. In the right upper corner you will see your e-stamp.  
  • If you decide to change your plans (start of the trip, number of travellers), inform the Administrator about these changes.
  • LoI is valid one year after the issue of the e-stamp. 
  • There can be more travellers using one LoI, but each one has to pay for the e-stamp. 
  • Details of children travelling with adults (mostly parents) are always indicated in LoI of one of the parent. 
  • All necessary information about Servas Online can be found on the web of Servas Int. (



Before your trip

  •  You may find your potential hosts on the Servas Online webpage. You can also request a PDF form of the host list from the Administrator.


  • When writing an e-mail to a Host, indicate SERVAS in the subject and attach your PDF LoI. Write few friendly sentences about yourself or your family. ALWAYS WRITE INDIVIDUAL E-MAILS, DO NOT WRITE GROUP EMAILS.


  • Do not stay longer than 2 nights unless you are invited to do so by your hosts. 
  • Be sure to notice all the abbreviations („Hosting“) by individual Hosts in Servas Online or in the Host Lists to avoid any misunderstandings. Be prepared that hosts may not be always available, especially in big cities and attractive tourist areas. There are many Servas Hosts in smaller places that would like to have more guests.



During the visit 


  • When you arrive at the Host’s, always present your LoI.
  • Do not stay longer than 2 nights unless you are invited to do so by your host. 
  • It is a good idea to cook your Host dinner or invite him/her for dinner.  Always try to understand all rules – e.g. when to leave and return, about taking food from the fridge etc. If you do not know, always ask.
  • Do not use the Host’s phone unless you are allowed. Always ask for permission to use the Host’s computer.
  • Don’t confuse Servas travelling with cheap accommodation. Avoid situations when you arrive late in the evening and must leave next morning…

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