Becoming a Servas Traveller

A Traveller must be 18 years of age or over, and must be interviewed to make sure he/she is responsible, open minded and likely to be a good member of Servas. Knowledge of English (or other main language) is essential. Please note that no Traveler can be approved without an interview. For the list of the interviewers please refer to contacts.
Teenagers between 14 and 18, who have already had Servas experience with their parents, have the possibility to travel with a special “Letter of Introduction for Young Members” (Y-LoI). Let us know if you need more information.

Important note: to become a Host is not a condition to became a Traveller

Before your trip

When approved, the Traveller receives a Letter of Introduction (“LoI”; Download here)  which is signed. Please make a scan and send it by e-mail to the National Secretary. After you pay the fee (slightly different in each country – for the Czech Republic members, please see below), LoI is stamped and dated. It is the Traveller’s“’passport” in Servas and is valid for one year from the date of issue. Every adult needs LoI. It is not possible that more people travel on one LoI.Children travelling with adults do not require LoI and thus do not have to pay.  Travellers once interviewed do not have to be interviewed again.

Stamps are distributed by the National Secretary, so please advice payment (by e-mail or phone) well ahead of your trip as it takes couple of days to do necessary paperwork. The stamp costs CZK 500 (or CZK 300 for students up to 30 years old and people over 65) and funds are to be sent to the bank account # 51-1080210247/0100. In urgent cases, you can exceptionally bring cash to the National Secretary. When funds are received, you will then receive stamped and signed LoI (by post or in person as you agreed before).  After this procedure you can receive Host List (“HL”) of the country you plan to go. Please contact the Host List Officer. Note that most of HLs are now in PDF and are distributed by the Host List Officer via e-mail. There are still some HLs that exist only in paper form and these can be obtained by post. Anyway, it is necessary to pay for the stamp prior receiving HL. For necessary contacts please refer to Contacts.

Kindly note, that HLs are private documents for members only, and should be treated accordingly. Under any circumstances do not distribute HLs to people outside Servas. HLs in paper form should be always returned back to the Host List Officer as soon as possible.

Please, respect the following basic rules

  • When writing an e-mail, make sure to refer Servas in the subject. It is a good idea to attach a scanned copy of your LoI.
  • Follow all the abbreviations in the Host List describing the host possibilities and needs to avoid any misunderstanding. Be prepared, that host may not be always available especially in the big cities and attractive tourist areas. There are many Servas Hosts in smaller places that would like to have more guests.
  • Hosts are not obliged to accept Travellers.
  • When you arrive always present your LoI. Do not stay longer than 2 nights unless you are invited by hosts. It is a good idea to prepare or invite your Host for a dinner.  Always try to understand all rules – e.g. when to leave and return, eating host’s food from the fridge etc. If you do not know, always ask.
  • Please, try to arrange your calls from your phone. Do not use Host’s phone unless you are allowed. Always ask for permission to use Host’s computer.
  • Do not mismatch Servas travelling with a cheap accommodation. Avoid situation, when you arrive late in the evening and must leave next morning or so.
  • At the end of a trip, the Travellers are advised to write a short report for the National Secretary, listing the hosts that have been stayed with, noting any changes of address or telephone number and giving advice that may be useful to other Travellers (transportation/restaurants).

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